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Want to know more about the series? Check out our frequently asked questions about the FIA Formula E Championship…


What is Formula E?
Formula E is a brand new FIA championship featuring Formula cars powered exclusively by electric energy.


What is the concept behind the Championship?
Formula E represents a vision for the future of the motor industry over the coming decades, serving as a framework for research and development around the electric vehicle, accelerating general interest in these cars and promoting sustainability.


When will the first race take place and how many will there be?
The inaugural season will begin in September 2014 with a total of 10 races.


Will the races be held on tradition circuits?
No. Formula E races will be held in the heart of some of the world’s leading cities racing around their iconic landmarks. Formula E believes that cities are the natural environment for electric cars and that racing in urban environments will best promote the use, and popularity, of these vehicles.


What format will the events take and how long will races last?
Formula E events will take place in one day in order to minimize disruption to the host city. The opening practice session will take place in the morning followed by qualifying and then an hour race (approximately). Drivers will have two identical cars and will have to make two compulsory pit stops during the race in order to change cars.


Will overtaking not be difficult racing on narrow street circuits?
Yes and no! Traditionally overtaking is difficult on street circuits but to help with this Formula E will introduce a ‘Push-to-Pass’ system temporarily increasing the power of the Formula E car.


What else will be going on during a race event?
As well as a full day’s action including practice, qualifying and the main race, all Formula E events will feature a host of on and off track entertainment for the whole family, followed by a music concert in the evening.


How many teams and drivers will there be?
For the first season there will be 10 teams each with two drivers giving a total of 20 cars on the grid.


Will all teams and drivers use the same car?
Yes but only for the first season in order to help get the Championship established. For season two, Formula E becomes an open championship allowing teams, and manufacturers, to develop their cars. This will begin with the development of new powertrain solutions – incorporating the e-motor, inverter and transmission – with future regulation changes allowing for battery development.


Who is building the Formula E car?
The car, the Spark-Renault SRT_01E, is being built by Spark Racing Technology together with a consortium of some of the leading manufactures in motorsport including Dallara, McLaren, Renault, Williams and Michelin.


How fast will the SRT_01E be able to travel?
Testing is still ongoing meaning official figures are still to be verified. However, the car will produce 200kw, equivalent to 270bhp, and is expected to be capable of reaching 0-100kph in less than three seconds and on to a top speed of 225kph (limited).


How long will the car’s batteries last?
The duration of the batteries will depend heavily on how hard the car is pushed but during the race this will be between 20-30 minutes. Drivers will make two mandatory pit stops during the race in order to change cars as changing batteries is not feasible.


What does the car sound like?
The sound of the new Formula E car will be one of the Championship’s most unique and exciting features and will be a modern, futuristic sound combined with the fusion of the tyres on the track, the car’s aero package and the electric drivetrain itself. At high speed this will be around 80 decibels.


How safe is the Formula E car?
Very. All cars will comply with the latest FIA F1 safety standards including: Front, side, rear and steering column impact tests together with front and rear roll hoop impact structures and monocoque push tests. The driver will be protected by an anti-intrusion survival cell protection panels together with an electronically operated LIFELINE extinguisher system.



Rules & Regulations

Regulations for the 2015-2016 season will be available in due course. In the meantime, the below is a helpful guide to the format of a Formula E event.



All events will open with a 45-minute practice session followed by a further 30-minute session, giving drivers their first experience of the circuit. They will have up to two cars available to them giving them the option to change cars should they wish. Full power (200kw / 270bhp) will be available throughout.



The qualifying session is a straight fight for the fastest laptime and determines the order for the day’s race. The session will last 55 minutes (40 minutes track) and see drivers divided into four groups of five cars, with each group having 10 minutes to set their best time. Full power (200kw / 270bhp) will be available throughout with drivers only able to use one car. The driver setting the fastest time will be awarded three points.



Races will begin by standing start (no formation lap) and last for approximately one hour with drivers making one mandatory pit stop in order to change cars. Power will be restricted to ’race mode’ (150kw / 202.5bhp) but for those drivers with FanBoost, the power output can be temporarily increased to 180kw / 243bhp for 5 secs per car. Points will be awarded using the standard FIA system (see below).



Fans can give their favourite driver an extra speed boost by voting for them prior to the race. The three drivers with the most votes will each receive a 5-second ‘power boost’ per car per driver, temporarily increasing their car’s power from 150kw to 180kw. You can change your mind as many times as you want until voting closes a short time before the start of the race.



The FIA Formula E Championship will consist of both a drivers and a teams’ championship. A driver’s end of season total is made up of his/her best results less one. A team’s total is made up by counting all scores during the season.


Pit stops/Car changes

During races, drivers must make one mandatory pit stop in order to change cars. This must take place in their box and be observed by an FIA steward to ensure all safety equipment is correctly applied. A minimum time period (determined on the day) will also be enforced. Tyre changes, unless a puncture, are not permitted during this pit stop.



Drives will score points using the standard FIA system of: 1st = 25pts, 2nd = 18pts, 3 = 15pts, 4th = 12pts, 5th = 10pts, 6th = 8pts, 7th = 6pts, 8th = 4pts, 9th = 2pts and 10th = 1pt. Three points will be awarded to the driver securing pole position, whilst the driver setting the fastest lap receives two points.



Teams/drivers have six official pre-season test days and one in-season test. All pre-season testing takes place at Donington Park with the venue for the in-season test to be announced shortly.


Tyres & allocation

The Official Tyre Supplier for the FIA Formula E Championship is Michelin. For each race event, each driver is supplied with four new front tyres and four new rear tyres, plus one front and one rear tyre from the previous event.



New changes have been made to the e-Licence system for 2015/2016 and will be mandatory for any driver wanting to participate. In order to qualify for an e-Licence the following will be required:

  • A specific FIA training session regarding the most important points of the electrical safety, technical and sporting aspects of the competition.
  • To have accumulated in the previous three years at least 20 points of the FIA points system used to qualify to the F1 Super Licence, or to have previously been holding an F1 Super Licence, or to have participated in at least three races of the previous FIA Formula E Championship.
  • A driver judged by the FIA to have consistently demonstrated outstanding ability in single-seater formula cars, but with no opportunity to qualify under any of the requirements above.


Car charging

Car charging is only forbidden during qualifying and the race, together with their perpective Parc Ferme periods. Charging can take place during non-qualifying (practice) periods.



Twenty drivers, from 10 teams, will compete in the 2015/2016 FIA Formula E Championship.




How/ Where can I buy tickets?
Tickets can be purchased from the official website,


How do I know whether the tickets I want are still available?
If a certain ticket category is available, you will be able to choose your desired quantity. A « sold out » message will appear for tickets that are no longer available.


Is there a limit to how many tickets I can purchase?
There are no limits so as long as the ticket inventory is available.


Can I request a special seat?
The seating arrangement is free seating. Thus, you will not need to select a specific seat or seats.


Can I cancel my ticket order?
After you have confirmed your order online, we do not accept cancellations.


Can I modify my order?
Orders are not changeable once payment is confirmed. Kindly ensure that your orders are correct before proceeding to the checkout page.


Are tickets sold by external parties or other websites valid?
Only authorized agents are permitted to sell tickets. For a list of authorized agents, click here.
Tickets sold by unauthorized resellers whether online or through stores will not be entertained.


What is included in the ticket price published on the website?
All ticket prices are excluding delivery charges.


What if there is heavy rain during the race? Will I get a refund?
In the event of inclement weather on any or all of the days of the race, the event organizer shall have the sole and absolute discretion to delay the race for that day, and if necessary, to cancel the race. The race may resume on the same day after such delay. Refunds will not be offered due to cancellation that is for reasons beyond the event organizer’s control.


Where do I redeem my tickets?
You can redeem your tickets start from 26 October 2015 at the following address:
Level 16, UOA Damansara II. No 6, Changkat Semantan, Damansara Heights, 50490 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Working hours: 9am – 5pm
Mondays to Fridays – Office is closed on weekends and public holidays


What if I lost my ticket?
A re-issue fee of RM20.00 per ticket is applicable.